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PSHCE:  Identity, Society and Equality
  • One of our school priorities this year is the developing play across the school. We recognise that play is not just a “fun” thing that goe...

  • Developing play is one of our areas of development this year, and we are really pleased with how it is going! This short video was taken today in the ...

  • The Islington Reading Road Map has been going down a storm at Hanover! The children are busy reading, discussing, reviewing and recommending books to ...

  • Please vote for us in the Aviva Community Fundraising drive. We are hoping to raise money for our Outlast blocks for children in years 3-6 (see here)....

  • One of our school priorities this year is ‘developing play’. We have already enhanced the outdoor play provision for EYFS and Key Stage 1 children, an...

By the end of Year 1, children are expected to be able to do all of the following in English, maths and science:

Year 1 – English – reading and spoken language

Year 1 – English – Writing

Year 1 – Maths

Year 1 – Science