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Parent Governor elections – get involved in school life!

Parent Governor elections – get involved in school life!

We have a vacancy for a parent governor, which we need to fill as soon as possible.

Hanover School has always aimed for a partnership with parents as it brings great benefits to the children.  One of the most significant ways you can help in promoting this aim is to volunteer to be a parent governor.  The governing body’s main tasks are to ensure that the school provides its pupils with a high quality education, to plan for future development and improvement, and to support the school.  Below is a fact sheet with further information about becoming a governor and what the role entails.

Parent governors are welcomed as valued members of the team and play a vital role in ensuring the governing body is aware of parental views and concerns. We feel sure that there are parents prepared to take on this important role and give their time and commitment to helping us to continue to improve the school’s performance. Whilst specialist knowledge or relevant experience is useful, common sense and a willingness to give time and to learn are key requisites. It would also help if you were comfortable in dealing with and understanding basic data.  We very much hope that parents from all the many communities in the school will be interested in standing, as well as those with finance, procurement or fund-raising skills.

Anyone who has parental responsibility for a pupil on the school roll at the time of the election can stand for election*; may nominate someone for election; and may vote in the election.  Roughly speaking, parental responsibility means someone with whom the child is living, but, if you are not sure about this, please contact the school office who will be able to explain in more detail.

The school office should receive all nominations by Wednesday 28th September.  You do not need a seconder, and you can nominate yourself.  Every nomination, however, must be signed by the candidate, stating that s/he is willing to stand.  Candidates are also asked to write a few words (50-100) about themselves and why they wish to become a governor.  Candidates are unable to withdraw from the election once ballot papers have been circulated.

Ballot papers and election statements will then be sent home by pupil post on Friday 30th September.  The closing date for the return of ballot papers is 12 noon on Friday 7th October.  They will be counted at 2pm on the same day, all candidates are invited to attend.  The ballot is secret; you may send or post the ballot paper back in a sealed envelope addressed to the returning officer, or drop it into the secure ballot box in the school office by 12 noon Friday 7th October. The returning officer for this election is Jack Sloan.

If you would like to know a little more about becoming a parent governor, you are welcome to speak to me or Rachel Thomas, Chair of Governors (phone number available from me).

Yours sincerely

Jack Sloan


*        Parents who work at the school for 500 hours per year or are elected members of Islington Council, are not eligible to be parent governors, but are eligible to vote in parent governor elections.

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