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Hanover Primary School is committed to providing school visits as a positive tool to enhance and develop learning, build a sense of community, develop individuals, stimulate pupils’ imaginations, bring learning to life, and provide an experience of the local and wider world to our pupils as theybegin their learning journey.

Pupils derive a great deal of educational benefit from taking part in off-site activities. In doing so, they have the opportunity to undergo experiences not available in the classroom or on the school premises. Such activities help to develop a pupil’s investigative skills and longer activities/visits inparticular encourage greater independence.

The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Improvements in their ability to cope with change
  • Increased critical curiosity and resilience
  • Opportunities for meaning making, creativity, developing learning relationships, and practising strategic awareness
  • Increased levels of trust and opportunities to examine the concept of trust (us in them, them in us, them in themselves, them in each other)
  • Approved achievement and attainment across a range of curricular subjects. Pupils are active participants not passive consumers, and a wide range of learning styles can flourish
  • Enhanced opportunities for ‘real world’ ‘learning in context’ and the development of the social and emotional aspects of intelligence
  • Increased risk management skills through opportunities for involvement in practical risk-benefit decisions in a range of contexts, ie; encouraging pupils to become more risk aware as opposed to risk adverse
  • Greater sense of personal responsibility
  • Possibilities for genuine team working including enhanced communication skills
  • Improved environmental appreciation, knowledge, awareness and understanding of a variety of environments
  • Improved awareness and knowledge of the importance and practices of sustainability
  • Physical skill acquisition and the development of a fit and healthy lifestyle

Children every year group will go on trips. Many of these are local and are free to parents/carers.

Other trips are further afield, and children in Years 5 and 6 go on 5 day residential trips. Parents and carers are sometimes asked to make a donation towards these trips.

Our Year 6 camping trip is well known across the country as an example of an innovative and interesting project. You can watch a short documentary made about it below: