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Remote learning update

Remote learning update

Dear parents and carers. Thank you for all you are doing for your children at home. This is a really challenging time for everyone, and we have been so impressed with how well so many of you are doing with online learning.

We want to let you know of some changes to our Google Classroom offer. We’ve thought hard about how to make our provision for families both manageable for each household, and engaging and appropriately challenging for the children. Families have told us that the availability of devices, and the potential for timetable overlaps would make live teaching sessions difficult to manage.

Instead, what we are rolling out next week is a system of ‘mini meets’. This is where the classteacher ‘meets’ a group of six children every day, with an activity to do together. This means that the children get to see and interact with their teacher weekly, but because it’s in a group not the whole class, the interaction can be more personal and meaningful. We have piloted this approach in a number of classes across the age-range, and feedback from parents and children has been very positive.

If you would like to know more about our rationale, we have written a Remote Learning Policy which you can read here.

We will be surveying parents about our online learning offer soon. In the meantime, please continue to let us know how you are getting on at home, either via Google Classroom or