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Year 6 SATs – wishing you all well.

Year 6 SATs – wishing you all well.

Dear Year 6

We are hugely proud of you. You have all worked so hard this year, and have achieved a huge amount already. The progress you have made as a group this year is astonishing.

This week you will sit your end of Year 6 tests, and we know that you will try your absolute hardest. We want you to feel good about yourselves this week – to demonstrate some of that learning you have done over the last 6-8 years at Hanover, and to feel that you have shown yourself at your best.

We also want you to know that we recognise all of your other achievements – your musical performances, your work with younger children, your inquisitive learning in history, your hilarious dances down the red carpet in Celebration Assembly and the support that you offer your families and our wider community.

You are all growing up and we are looking forward to the weeks after your SATs tests too. There is a lot to get excited about in the coming weeks, and we are all keen to help you get the most of your remaining time at Hanover.

Here’s to you all – we think you’re great!

Jack, on behalf of all all the staff at Hanover.