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Hanover Primary School


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Music is an integral and highly-valued part of life at Hanover. We recognise that music has the capacity to  increase self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement.  We aim to provide a musical education that inspires pupils to develop a love of music, and a desire to perform as musicians. Throughout their time at Hanover, children explore and develop their understanding of a range of musical styles through listening, appraising, performing and composing. 

Music in years 1-6

Key Stage 1 children build on the songs learnt in EYFS with further emphasis on developing a sense of pulse, musical memory and vocal range.  Untuned percussion instruments are explored, and simple musical notation is introduced towards the end of this key stage. In Y2, all children learn to play the ukulele, which is built on in KS2. 

In Key Stage 2 children continue singing, learning a broad range of songs with increasing complexity, both in lyrical content and melodic range. They learn to play a range of musical instruments including ukulele, keyboard, tuned and untuned percussion, and recorder; they are encouraged to compose and perform. We also explore music from different cultures and develop more sophisticated music notation reading skills.

Weekly singing assemblies, a range of instrumental lessons, a choir, and termly concerts provide opportunities for children to develop their vocal and performance skills. Year 5 children work with specialist drumming and dance teachers in the summer term, leading to performances to parents and in an inter-school concert. Music features heavily in our annual Hanover's Got Talent evening. We aim that all children attend a range of concerts and performances throughout their time  at Hanover as part of our enrichment activities.  We also offer children instrumental lessons on a range of instruments, taught by visiting specialist teachers.  

Music in EYFS 

Children in the early years develop their musical understanding through the Expressive Arts and Design strand of the EYFS. Children are introduced to a wide range of music and to different ways of moving to music. Children are provided with a range of instruments which are accessible to them all of the time. They are taught how to make different sounds and how to create rhythms. Children are encouraged to explore their own ideas and feelings through music. Children in EYFS have a weekly music lesson which focuses on developing singing and a sense of pulse.  We teach children a broad repertoire of nursery rhymes, call-and -response games, action songs and rhythm-based games, folk songs, and material from a range of musical traditions. 

Children teach each other songs from their communities and make up their own songs. They sing for themselves and also perform to their friends and families.