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Hanover Primary School

British Values

At Hanover we uphold the following values as being central throughout our school and help our children to understand what it means to live in Britain today:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

We do a great deal of work in order to help our children and community to understand how our society functions, to feel safe, find identity, and a sense of place both in our school and in the wider world. This work runs throughout the curriculum, but this page gives some specific examples of the way in which we help our children to uphold our Shared Values at Hanover.

  • Through our PSHE curriculum, children learn about all aspects of our values, about what it means to be British, and about respect and tolerance for others. A summary of our PSHE syllabus can be found here.
  • Through making our curriculum representative of a wide range of cultures and faiths. This means that the literature we use, the arts, humanities and all aspects of our curriculum help children to understand that there is strength in diversity and that we must all tolerate difference.
  • Our Equalities Objectives ensure we are constantly improving in our drive to ensure equality for all, and set high standards for ourselves in doing so. You can see our Equalities Objectives here.
  • Through our 6 Hanover Characteristics. These were written through democratic process by all children at Hanover in 2016-2017. They are: Teamwork, Resilience, Independence, Ambition, Creativity, Bravery.
  • Through regular assemblies. These are led by teachers and focus on one of our 6 Hanover Characteristics. An example of these assemblies is attached here
  • Through working with representatives from a range of professional and cultural organisations. Children meet and learn about many aspects of democratic and cultural life at Hanover. Recent work has included children meeting community leaders, police officers, representatives from Islington Council, members of religious communities and people from a wide range of professions.
  • Through regular whole-school  events we celebrate the diversity and unity of our community. Our autumn International Evening brings our community through food and celebration for example, with families bringing dishes to share that represent their home cultures and life stories.
  • By working with our PREVENT officer we ensure that staff understand how to ensure children are kept safe from extremist views and deal with concerns appropriately.
  • We have a robust approach to dealing with discrimination and report all cases to parents according to our policy. We report trends and numbers of events to governors each term, and keep detailed records of incidents. We work with children and their families in order to learn from incidents of discrimination and prevent further incidents.
  • Through regular trips and visits to key cultural and democratic institutions in London.