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Hanover Primary School

Physical Education (PE)

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PE in years 1-6

PEPhysical Education is an important part of school life at Hanover. We offer a broad and balanced PE curriculum aimed at developing fundamental movement skills including agility, coordination and balance. In addition to the physical skills developed through PE lessons, there is a focus on developing children’s teamwork, resilience, creativity and sportsmanship as well as instilling the importance of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Children from Year 1-Year 6 receive two lessons of PE a week: one lesson of dance or gymnastics, and one on developing fundamental movement skills, introducing competitive games and using equipment. PE lessons at Hanover are designed to be inclusive for all our children and to maximise physical activity during learning time. At least one lesson per week will be carried out as a carousel of activities. This approach allows the teachers to give high quality, differentiated instruction to small groups and individuals and allows children to be physically active for the majority of the lesson. 

Children in Years 3 and 4 will have swimming lessons as one of their PE lessons using Islington's Intensive Model, where they go swimming every day for three weeks. This has proven highly successful in helping children to learn to swim in recent years. We also have a school ‘Swim Squad’ which meets for training at Ironmonger Row Pool once a week, and competes in Islington swimming galas. Throughout the year, children in KS1 and KS2 will also have the opportunity to compete in local tournaments and friendly matches with other schools.

PE in the EYFS

Tree climbing

Children in the Early Years begin their physical education through the Physical Development strand of the EYFS, particularly the Moving and Handling aspect. Children have many opportunities for physical activity in their play. They also develop their gross motor skills by running, climbing, balancing and building, and fine motor skills through activities such as mark-making, cutting, sticking and using tools. They are taught new skills and introduced to new equipment in their play.  Young children love to learn and practise new physical skills.  They like to challenge themselves,  and develop their control and coordination through their self-chosen activities. Reception children also have a PE session once a week in the Spring and Summer term.